Customs & Cultural Factors in Turkey



Merhaba = Hello

Günaydin = Good morning

Iyi aksamlar = Good evening

Hosgeldiniz = Welcome

Güle güle = Good bye

Turkish people have traditional Mediterranean friendliness. That's why all Turkish people shake hands and kiss each other's from both cheeks at meetings.



All visitors are very important for us. In the time of need, the host of house offers his/her bedroom to his/her visitors. We usually offer tea and cologne to our visitors.



Core family and grandparents live together in traditional Turkish families. We also care for our neighbours. Muslim prophet Muhammad said "Satiated people, whose neighbours are hungry, are not with us"



Victory Day: The 30th August is celebrated as victory day.

Republic Day: Turkey was an Empire (Ottoman Empire). The Sultan ruled the empire. The founder of Turkey, Ataturk, gave the management of country to its real owners. So The Republic Day is celebrated on 29th October.

National Sovereignty and Children's Day: The establishment of parliament is accepted as National Sovereignty Day. Then Ataturk and his comrates presented this important day to children. Because they are the future. So the 23th April is celebrated as National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

Ramadan & Ramadan Bayram: Muslim Turkish people don't eat anything from dawn to dusk during a month named Ramadan. After that month, we celebrate with a big three day Bayram (festival).

Festival of Sacrifice: Muslims sacrifice an animal, specifically cow, sheep and camel, for the sake of Allah (God).