Compulsory Education in Turkey starts at 5 years old and lasts until 14 years old. Compulsory education is divided into 3 phases. First phase is Pre-school Education and it can take from1 to 3 years. Second phase is considered to be Primary school and takes a total of 4 years. Third phase is called Second Level of Primary Education and it lasts for 4 years.





Students, who are at 8th years of Primary School, have to attend an exam named Placement Test. They are settled into various Secondary Schools according to their achievements in the exam. These schools are:


  1. Science High Schools: These high schools aim to train new scientists. Students, who show high success on Maths, physics, chemistry and biology, settle into these schools. Science High Schools raise students for the Universities of Mathematic, Engineering, Medical, Chemistry, Biology etc.
  2. Schools of Social Sciences: These schools aim to train social scientists, diplomats, bureaucrats etc. Students, who show success on Maths, literature, geography, history and philosophy, settle into these schools. These schools raise the students for the Universities of Mathematics, Literature, International Relations, Public Administration, Finance etc.
  3. Anatolian High Schools: These schools are Foreign Language schools. They train students for foreign language departments at universities. The students, who graduated from these schools, can be also placed into the Universities of Engineering, Medical, Business Administration, International Relations etc. Because high level General Education is given in these schools.
  4. Private Colleges: Paid education is given in these schools. High level of Foreign Language and General Culture Education are given in these schools. Students, who graduate from these schools, are settled in various departments of universities according to their abilities and skills.


There are also some other Secondary schools available, that can be entered without examination, after Primary Education. Students can be settled into these schools according to their Primary School Diploma Score. These schools are:


  1. Classical high schools: General Education is given in these schools. These schools aim to improve the students' general culture abilities.
  2. Vocational High Schools: These schools aim to educate qualified staff who are needed by industry for occupational areas.