Office worker

1.      How many hours do people work a day/a week?-they work 8 hours a day and 42 hours a week

2.      Are there paid holidays?-The 88´89% yes and the 11´11% no

3.      What kind of clothes do people have to wear? -Uniform 44% and Casual clothes  56%

4.      What are the 10 most important/the basic rights working people have? -22´2% have rights and the 77´8% don´t have rights

5.      What welfare benefits do you receive when losing their job?-66% yes and 34% no

6.       What kind of qualification and diploma, certificates etc. do people need?-100% have

7.      What is the approximate range of  payment and what kind of flat can you afford for that salary? (basic-regular-luxary)-55% basic and 45% regular

8.      How many years must you work before going on retirement?- the average is 27 years

9.      At what age can you go on retirement? 65 years

10.   Are there any physical or psychological diseases directly connected to your  job? 66% no and 34% yes

11.  What motivation is there to improve the results of your work?-77% yes and 50% no

12.  Do both adults have to work to support family?-50% yes and 50% no

13.  Who takes care of your children?-55% both parents and 45% mother

14.  Do both parents have maternity leave and how long?100% yes, 

4 monthss-6 month (women)

15 days- 30 days(men)