Dos in Iceland

Dos in Iceland

The following are a few things that are done differently in Iceland from most other countries.  

  Take off your shoes inside Icelandic homes. We always take off our shoes before entering a home, doesn't matter if it's our home or someone else‘s.

  Greetings are generally informal: We greet everybody the same whether they are familiar or not.

Call everybody by their first name: Icelanders are extremely informal and use their first names always (even the president)

 Address everybody with their first name and when you introduce yourself: use your first name.

Drop in at any time: In Iceland it is customary to drop in for a coffee without calling first (but only with people you know well).

Wash very carefully before going swimming.  There is a diagram in every swimming pool instructing people which areas they have to wash thoroughly. And you will have to shower naked in communal shower rooms before putting on your swimming costume.